Lisey’s Story

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Season 1 Episode 8

Lisey’s Story

Lisey faces Dooley and discovers Scott’s final gift to her.

The final episode immediately follows the action of the last with Amanda and Darla wondering what happened to their sister and Lisey implementing her plan for Dooley in Boo’ya Moon. As she tries to lure Dooley into a trap, the shadow of Scott that remained senses something. It’s a good opening that builds on all the tension that the series has been establishing.

Dooley finally gets what’s coming to him and it is satisfying. Especially since the director takes the time to linger on the character’s anguish just enough for the viewer to feel justified in the character’s end. Happening so quickly into the episode, the question then becomes what happens next and can it be as compelling as the first ten minutes of the episode.

In the aftermath, Lisey returns to her sisters and a gruesome discovery in the pool that will force her to act fast. The scene is almost comical in its matter of fact nature. There’s a small moment of tension when Richards confronts Lisey about the man who killed his officer that is played well, especially in what isn’t said between the two characters. As Lisey starts to move forward, she realizes that she is still on a Bool Hunt, but isn’t aware of what the prize is.

Lisey confronts Amanda about the shrouded ones in Boo’ya Moon and discovers something dark about them including Scott. After talking to her sister, she decides to return one last time. There she comes to the end of her Bool Hunt and discovers something there specifically for her. A story written for her that lays out what happened to Scott after his brother died. There’s a dark poignance to the scene and things get darker after that.

The dark, abusive nature of Scott’s past comes back as Lisey reads his story and he reveals what really happened in the aftermath of Paul’s death. A series of dark events that lead to tragedy. In the aftermath, Lisey discovers the whole of who Scott Landon really was and it is the most poignant part of the episode. A moment that is handled brilliantly from start to finish.

The finale finds Lisey not only coming to grips with her relationship with Scott but also with how their story ends. It’s filled with sadness, joy and a sense of healing that brings all of the interesting, tragic and often rough moments of this series to a great conclusion.

Lisey's Story S01XE08



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