Lisey’s Story

Apple TV Plus

Season 1 Episode 7

No Light, No Spark

Two years after Scott’s death, Lisey must again confront mortality. But this time, she has a plan – and it involves Boo’ya Moon.

This episode starts with Scott Landon center stage as he exits a car for an engagement. After confronting another disturbed fan, he gets inside only to begin to show signs that the injuries that he’s endured over the years have returned quickly and all at once. After taking a trip back, he returns invigorated, but it doesn’t long and we get to see the circumstances of how Scott dies including his desperate attempt to contact Lisey. It’s a really dramatic scene that pivots perfectly back to Lisey’s story.

Lisey goes to the hospital where Scott is being kept and learns why Boo’ya Moon won’t let him heal anymore. The scene is really well done and interesting as it begins the succession of moments immediately following Scott’s death and how Lisey deals with it and the aftermath. Moore shines in these moments and there is a realness to her performance that is captivating. You feel the loss through her and the scene is brilliantly cut with Scott walking through Boo’ya Moon and taking his place among the others who stay there.

As Lisey and her sisters prepare for Dooley to return, Lisey has more questions for Amanda. Questions Amanda does not want to answer regarding her time on the other side and the people who are there. The sisters end up getting into an argument when Lisey finally reveals her plan. I don’t know what this scene was supposed to accomplish considering how the sisters were in sync about their plans for Dooley in the last episode. This scene just feels like a waste of time and unnecessary drama tacked on to pad the run time.

Dooley arrives and prompted by nothing, proceeds to do something extreme. While the character has been cycling downward for awhile, this moment felt unearned. After a tense standoff with Dooley, the sisters spring into action and things get really intense until Lisey summons up the strength to do what she planned and bring Dooley with her to Boo’ya Moon. As she taunts him in an environment he’s unfamiliar with, the scene gets more tense and intense until it culminates in a cliffhanger ending that felt unnecessary as well.

The episode has some really good beats especially at the beginning, but it feels clunky and padded. There are too many moments that either happen too quickly or too slowly depending on the tension the episode is trying to achieve. It’s a decent episode, but it could have been better if it had more focus.

Lisey's Story S01XE07



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