Lisey’s Story

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Season 1 Episode 4

Jim Dandy

Things get much darker in this episode as Lisey finds herself face to face with the man who has been threatening her. After a series of disturbing rants, he proceeds to beat Lisey. The scene is intensely disturbing and both DeHaan and Moore deliver on the emotion and terror of the moment. There are some truly scary and suspenseful moments throughout the opening of this episode and it is visceral in both its violence and terror.

In the aftermath of her attack, Lisey wakes up and must deal with both the physical and emotional scars of her time with Dooley. The attack leaves her shaken and she finds herself falling back into her memories with Scott as her sister heads to Amanda’s house to pick up some things. Things continue to get tense as Dooley sits in the house waiting. The entire sequence was jarring, scary and full of suspense.

Lisey continues to take in the damage she’s taken physically and the lines between the real world and Scott’s world of Booya Moon continue to blur. A blur that makes her see Scott there with her and forces her to remember the moments he would just go away the same way Amanda has been doing. A particularly scary moment finds her returning home to find Scott is an almost catatonic state that she is unable to bring him back from. She remembers her trips to Booya Moon and how Scott took her there.

Her arrival in that world prompts her to remember more. The world is lush, but filled with the darkness of a seemingly endless sunset. It’s filled with despair and both Scott and Lisey find themselves running from a creature Scott calls a “Long Boy” that seems to be made up of screaming bodies. It’s a great scene that dives deeper into Scott’s world, his past and the parts of their relationship that Lisey has buried. Her memories help her bring more pieces together including how things connect to Amanda.

The fourth episode of Lisey’s Story ends on a huge cliffhanger as past and present start to come together and Lisey finds herself really examining her marriage, her life and the events that shaped them. There are some truly brutal moments at the beginning of the episode that remind the viewer that this is Stephen King and no one makes it out unscathed, but there are also some great character moments throughout that engage and challenge the viewer.

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