Lisey’s Story

Apple TV

Season 1 Episode 1

Bool Hunt

Famed writer Scott Landon is dead and his widow Lisey is dealing with the aftermath of his death as well as the legacy of his work. The beginning of the episode is a series of scenes that highlight the couple’s life together and the interconnection of their experiences as Lisey remembers a defining moment from their past. One that continues to have relevance and resonance on her life years later. The opening scenes are brilliantly shot. They are bright and filled with beauty and vibrancy. Lisey’s return to the real world highlights the difference as there is a dark, grey sheen to reality.

Lisey continues to think back on an event where a man tried to kill her husband and the actions she took to stop it. In the present, she spends her time in his work area thinking about him. She receives a call from her sister who is dealing with some personal issues of her own and as she races off to help her sister, a face from her past returns wanting access to Scott’s work. A request she refuses and triggers a dark and disturbing confrontation. Things get more intense when she and her sister find themselves at her sister’s home with her in a near catatonic state. There is a lot of intense imagery throughout these scenes and you can see Lisey’s slow descent begin.

Amanda’s state triggers another flashback from her sister’s perspective and how Scott was able to pull her out of it. It is a deeply disturbing and intense scene that teases the supernatural elements of the series as well as some deeply disturbing things about Scott. Professor Dashmiel wants Scott’s work and has elicited someone to get it from her. Someone who will stop at nothing. At the same time, Lisey learns that Scott left her a puzzle to solve. One that her sister knows about. More mystery comes when Lisey returns to the aftermath of Scott’s shooting to find him missing from his room only to find him returned and on the mend from injuries that should have killed him.

Lisey dreams of another important moment in her life with Scott and he tells her that she is on what he calls a “Bool Hunt”. The scene is both lively and deeply disturbing as are all the scenes after that when Lisey finally awakens. She is told to begin finding the clues. Dashmiel’s employee Dooley begins his plan to get to Lisey by visiting Scott’s past in a disturbing scene beautifully played by Dane DeHaan. He is as visually disturbing as everything else from his sunken eyes to his dirty fingernails.

As the mystery deepens, Lisey uncovers the first clue and it has a connection to her sister. One that leads to another disturbing scene that highlights the supernatural elements of the series perfectly.

The first episode of Lisey’s Story is a brilliantly mind bending journey that is filled with great performances, mysteries and awesome performances by the cast. It was engrossed by the mysteries being presented and ready to take the rest of this journey to uncover them along with the main character.

Lisey's Story S01XE01



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