Last Flight Out #5

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: Ben and the others make a dangerous trip as time continues to run out.

In the recent past, Ben goes to see his estranged daughter Sara and let her know that Alex quit working on the project. Something she knows all too well. After telling him the truth about how he has failed as a father her entire life, the story returns to the present where the three have only hours before the ships leave the planet. With the three of them trapped in Chicago and their ride leaving without them, Ben and Alex clash over their ideologies with one trying to escape the Earth and the other trying to save it.

Unfortunately, their arguments will have to wait as the men who took Alex come out in force. After narrowly escaping, Ben discovers that he can’t escape the truth about his motivations and their results. After finding a means of travel, Ben reveals that they might not be able to get to their first destination, but there might be another way to get them there faster. The trio then set out on a dangerous excursion with a small margin of success and time running out.

The Story: I continue to love the immediacy of this story. Guggenheim brilliantly ramps up the tension throughout while also giving the characters moments to deal with their internal and interpersonal traumas. There are some great character moments and the world building of this series continues to be engaging. I don’t know which option is the right one with both Ben and Alex’s ideas and I love that Guggenheim keeps that a mystery as well.

The Art: Ferigato delivers some great visual thrills with the action moments as well as great character moments with the art. The art does a wonderful job of capturing the tension and thrills of the story.

Last Flight Out #5



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