Last Flight Out #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Marc Guggenheim

Art by Eduardo Ferigato

Colors by Natalia Marques

Letters by Diego Sanches

The Rundown: The mission to rescue Sara’s boyfriend will lead to an explosive escape and a costly betrayal.

As the world started coming apart, Sara and her boyfriend Alex find themselves facing off against a man with a gun. A man whose friend needs the kind of medical attention Alex isn’t qualified to give. Undeterred, the man takes Alex with him leaving Sara alone. Three days later, Sara’s father and the soldiers sent to rescue her are on a mission to find Alex and rescue him as well. After a series of intense fire fights, Burke and Ben make their way to where Alex is being held.

With time running out and their options getting shorter, Burke makes a decision to get the three of them out as he tasks the two scientists with finding a way to escape a locked room. Ben and Alex make an explosive escape and make their way to a possible extraction point. Unfortunately, their escape from Chicago hits a snag in the form of an unexpected betrayal.

The Story: Guggenheim masterfully ramps up both the tension and the thrills in this issue. There are so many great character moments mixed into the action and the backstory was a great way of giving the mission context. The tension between Ben and Burke was brilliantly done and everything led to a great cliffhanger finale that I was not expecting.

The Art: Ferigato delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The action was visually thrilling and exciting and the style of the art had great energy on every page.

Last Flight Out #4



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