728841._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Killmonger #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Juan Ferreyra

Letters by Joe Sabino

Colors by Eduardo Ferreyra

As betrayals mount, Erik Killmonger turns to the gods for advice.

One man is dead and the rest of his team are at the mercy of Bullseye. The assassin is giving no quarter as Erik tries to take him down on his own. Both King and Knight do what they can to help and the three of them manage to escape.


Burned in New York, the three of them split up with Erik and Knight finding comfort in each other. This is another opportunity for Erik to make a choice that could change the trajectory of his life as he opens himself up to the woman and shares his vision of Wakanda. Unfortunately, he is betrayed again and finds himself chained in a cargo container on a ship.

As Knight makes a deal with Black Widow and SHIELD for she and Erik’s lives, the man himself turns to his gods for help. The wisdom and answers that he gets could lead him down a different path for his life. When he sees what that path may lead, he decides to reject it and forge a new one with a woman who has already betrayed him once by trading one master for another.

This is a deep issue. There are many different themes running through this story and the evolution of Erik Killmonger as a villain continues to be fascinating. Bryan Hill gets to the heart of Erik’s motivations while at the same time allowing the reader to question whether his anger at Wakanda’s absence from the conflicts of the world are real or his justification for holding onto his vengeance. Hill continues to depict Erik as a complicated and somewhat tragic figure who is becoming a slave to his own rage.

The art continues to be brilliant as Ferreyra not only frames some amazing scenes, but conveys deep emotion on the faces of the characters from sadness to insanity. All of the character moments are well served with the art.

Killmonger #3




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