720233._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Killmonger #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Juan Ferreyra

Letters by Joe Sabino

Erik Killmonger is taking his first steps into the big leagues of crime. Unfortunately, the might be his last.

As driven by anger as Erik Killmonger is, he’s still a young man and his attraction to his teammate Knight could end up being a complication he is not prepared for. When the rest of the team meet to discuss their next job from Kingpin, Erik decides to cut through all the complicated planning and narrow the focus to the most important part, the kill.


Kingpin has a special mission for the team and it involves multiple targets. King decides to go with Erik’s plan and, with the exception of a couple of bumps, it’s successful. It’s a little hard to believe that a veteran mercenary like King would turn over the planning of an op that important to a rookie, but for the purposes of this story, it’s a belief I’m willing to suspend.

After the success of the mission, King and his team believe they are about to move up the ranks and get more high value targets. When Kingpin reveals who their next target is, King decides it’s time to leave New York. He implores them to go with him because no one wants to go after this target. When one of the team goes down in front of him, Erik begins to understand why this particular target is not to be messed with.

Hill throws Erik right into the meat grinder in this issue. He’s showcasing what being a villain in the Marvel universe entails as well as giving Killmonger a taste of the world he isn’t prepared for. I really enjoyed the pace and dialogue in this issue. I like that King gives him several moments of clarity and advice and Erik brushes them off. It’s the kind of attitude that continues him down the path he’s on and the reveal at the end of the issue is a brutal wake up call about just how unstoppable he isn’t.

What makes the entire issue additionally compelling is the brilliantly detailed art by Juan Ferreyra. There are some breathtaking panels in this issue and they complement the pace of the story well. The last three pages build to a crescendo as the final reveal is expertly done.

Killmonger #2




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