Kill Your Darlings #3

Image Comics

Written by Ethan S. Parker and Griffin Sheridan

Art by Robert Quinn

Colors by Robert Quinn

Letters by John J. Hill

The Rundown: Rose returns to the land of her imagination and discovers the dark reality.

Rose and Elliot have escaped from the hospital and Wallace takes them to the site of Rose’s old house. A site that has the hidden entrance to the world she created in her imagination. A world that she and Elliot decide to return to.

After discovering a small oasis on the other side of the door, Rose discovers that her loyal subjects are not as excited to see her as she thought. Things get darker when she and Elliot leave the sanctuary and discover the dark truth about the world.

The Story: Parker and Sheridan continue to craft an entertaining and thrilling story in this issue. The series has some great world building throughout it and I love the tension and suspense throughout the issue. The plot is incredibly entertaining and the characters are compelling. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: Quinn delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The contrast between the more animated characters and the realistic ones is amazing and I love the look of the world itself.

Kill Your Darlings #3



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