After last week’s dust-up over comments made about Venom’s place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thanks Amy Pascal), Marvel Studios Chief Kevin Feige had to clean up the controversy and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the Sony properties  and the world that they are trying to build.

In an interview with JoBlo, Feige was confronted with the comments from Pascal that caused his reaction to become a full-fledged meme. His reaction to the controversy seems to bring it to an end.


“Right now, Spidey is in the MCU and it’s just Spidey. Civil War, Homecoming, we’ve already shot a lot of Tom Holland’s scenes in the upcoming Avengers films, and we’re just starting to solidify our plans for Homecoming 2 – we won’t call it that, whatever it is – which is exciting because it’ll be the first MCU movie after untitled Avengers in 2019. It’ll be the way Civil War informed everything in Homecoming, those movies will launch him off into a very new cinematic universe at that point. Those five movies are we’re focusing on.”

Rather than continue to stir the pot, Feige was generous in his praise for what Sony is attempting.

“They have rights to other characters, and I think they’re being very smart in saying ‘We have to make a great Venom movie.’ They’re off to a good start hiring Tom Hardy.”

Unless Pascal says something else controversial, it would appear as if the question has been answered, but these days you never really know.


Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7, 2017.

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