Justice League Last Ride #3

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Miguel Mendonca

Colors by Enrica Angiolini

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: The League returns to a dark place and prepares for battle.

The Justice League has made its way to Apokolips and Batman knows the perfect place to keep Lobo, Desaad’s torture chamber. While the planet is motly deserted, Batman still wants the League to keep watch and this moment allows for the tension growing between them, especially Batman and Superman, to continue. At the same time, Hal gets word that Killowog is having a tough time keeping the United Planets at bay as they demand Lobo stand trial for his crimes.

With negotiations breaking down, Hal and the others discover that a faction of the United Planets has put a bounty on Lobo’s head. Batman has a disturbing dream that involves a missing friend and the Justice League prepares for battle.

The Story: Zdarsky does a great job of building tension both external and internal throughout this issue. Even without knowing the full story, the reader gains enough insight to be able to understand the growing tension between these characters. There are a lot of interesting moments throughout this issue and I am curious both about the events that severed this team and how those events connect to their current mission.

The Art: Mendonca delivers some amazing art throughout the issue. There are great character moments throughout and the tension in the art as the characters prepare for battle is fantastic.

Justice League Last Ride #3



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