Justice League Infinity #4

DC Comics

Written by JM DeMatteis and James Tucker

Art by Ethen Beavers

Colors by Nick Filardi

Letters by AW’s DC Hopkins

The Rundown: Diana finds herself facing one of her greatest enemies while the League hunts for who has damaged the multiverse.

The multiverse continues to shatter and Amazo is stuck between worlds because he is responsible. His search for meaning in his own existence has doomed countless worlds and Diana finds herself taken from her world and deposited into a hellish new one whose only inhabitant is Darkseid. After attacking him, she discovers this isn’t the Darkseid that she knows and that the Wonder Woman in this universe had a different relationship with the lord of Apokalips.

As Diana learns of the tragic history of this Darkseid, the Justice League continues their trek through the multiverse in their modified Javelin. As they dive deeper into the damaged multiverse, J’onn begins to doubt he can help them and an unexpected voice gives him hope as they discover Amazo and what he is doing. At the same time, Diana must face her own prejudices against both Darkseid and her own past as she faces another monster from her past.

The Story: DeMatteis and Tucker craft and interesting story and this issue and using Diana’s voice to tell the story is a great choice. Her empathy helps sell the narrative of Darkseid as a layered character capable of surprising the reader. The story itself is compelling and both the Darkseid\Diana moments and those with the rest of the League are engaging. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Beavers delivers some great art throughout the issue. The characters are vibrant. The action is thrilling and the flashback moments are visually stunning.

Justice League Infinity #4



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