Justice League #59

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V

Art by David Marquez and Xermanico

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain and Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Josh Reed and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The Justice League encounters a new threat and contemplates a new direction. An old threat brings with it the return of a familiar face.

Black Adam reflects on his life and his role in the protection of Khandaq when a portal opens bringing a new threat to the world right in the heart of his city. As he defends his nation, he is backed up by the Justice League who discover quickly that the visitor has malicious intentions. After fighting the creature to a stalemate, he escapes leaving the League to investigate who he is and where he came from. As Ollie brings up some interesting ideas to the group, they discover the creature has a connection to another recent visitor to our world.

Constantine and Zatanna find themselves traveling deep into the southwest to investigate the conflagration of two opposing forces with connections to magical prophesies. At the same time, an old evil resurfaces with plans for the world and a familiar face returns to tell John and Zatanna about the new threat they face.

The Story: Bendis introduces some interesting ideas into the first story. Ideas that look to expand the thinking of the League and could create some intriguing and compelling stories in the future. The new threat introduced is interesting as well and it was a nice narrative touch to connect it to another character currently. Ram V’s Justice League Dark story is dark, ominous and has some awesome tension throughout it. I really enjoyed the reveals and how the story brought all its elements together.

The Art: David Marquez delivers some great looking panels throughout the story. The art reflects the kinetic action and pace of the story. Xermanico’s art perfectly matches the dark, gritty tone of the storyline and makes the characters look amazing.

Justice League #59



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