JUSTL_Cv45Justice League #45

DC Comics

Written by Robert Venditti

Art by Eddy Barrows

Inks by Eber Ferreira

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: It’s hero versus hero as the Justice League battles each other fueled by unresolved tensions and a supernatural push.


A man has walked onto the shores of Themyscira. Knowing what the punishment for his trespass is, he voluntarily accepts his fate and is banished to the depths of Tartarus. An act that will reverberate throughout the world. In the present, the Justice League battles each other as the Spectre watches over them, goading them into conflict. With the team members battling not only physically, but verbally, a litany of deeply buried resentments and feelings are released. To make matters worse, knowing who is controlling their emotions doesn’t stop them from fighting.

At the end of the battle, with everyone reeling from what just happened, Batman takes the lead in confronting the Spectre and discovers that the entity is missing its human host, Jim Corrigan. Diana must act quickly if they are to discover what happened to Corrigan and her actions will let the team bear witness to an event that will lead them from the Arctic to the jungles of Themyscira and possible death at the hands of the Amazons.

The Story: Vanditti’s story takes an interesting turn in this issue. The twist is the plot is well done and plays out in a way that deepens the mystery of the Spectre’s appearance. The fight between the heroes had some interesting and entertaining elements that I wish were explored more. The fight seemed to abrupt and none of the characters seemed to take the time to explore those negative emotions. The fate of Jim Corrigan is well done, but the danger of Themyscira seemed a little forced.

The Art: Eddy Barrows has some great art in this issue. The characters look great. The fight between the team members had energy, but only really followed through in a couple of moments. Everything with the Spectre was awesome and the Corrigan moments stood out visually.

Justice League #45




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