John Constantine Hellblazer – Dead in America #4

DC Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Aaron Cambell

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Unknown

The Rundown: Constantine and his group become immersed in a local mystery while searching for Dream’s sand.

Constantine and his group find themselves in the middle of Texas making their way to a small town that seems to be dying. After playing the part of a foreign exorcist looking to rid the town of its curse, Constantine leaves his son behind to show one of the people of the town something that might lead to answers.

At the same time, Constantine finds it more difficult to get through to Swamp Thing who continues to be reluctant to help humanity in any way. After getting some advice from an unexpected source, Swamp Thing makes a drastic change while Constantine discovers the ugly truth at the heart of this small town.  

The Story: Spurrier continues to craft a beautifully ethereal and deeply immersive story in this issue. The plot has some wonderful moments for the characters as they navigate a really dark narrative and a serious plot that Spurrier does some amazing work connecting the reader to. You could feel the desperation throughout the story and Constantine’s presence created some wonderful moments that make me want more.

The Art: Campbell matches the dark tone of the story with art that captures that darkness and permeates it through every page and panel. A darkly rich and visually engaging issue from start to finish.

John Constantine Hellblazer – Dead in America #4



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