John Constantine Hellblazer Dead in America #3

DC Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Aaron Campbell

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Constantine looks for a lost item on the border with a strange ally in hand.

In the desert near the Texas/Mexico border, Constantine and his companions traverse the area looking for something. In the same area, a man defends the border as part of a local militia. A man who spots someone coming through his area and begins to take aim.

As they travel, Constantine and his allies hear the story of Clarice’s long and soon to be ending life. As they get to the location of where the object they are searching for is hidden, John reveals the purpose of the trip and its connection to Morpheus of the Endless.

The Story: Spurrier continues to craft a wonderful story in this issue. I love the dark tone of the story and how the suspense and tension rise throughout. I was thoroughly surprised by the layers of this story and how engaging and compelling it is. I continue to enjoy how it is building its story and look forward to seeing what happens next.

The Art: Campbell continues to create some beautifully detailed and dramatically dark art throughout the issue. The visual style captures the eye with every page and panel.

John Constantine Hellblazer Dead in America #3



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