John Constantine Hellblazer #12

DC Comics

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Aaron Campbell

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: John’s debt comes due and a moment of realization changes everything about his past, his present and his future.

John sits idly by as two of his friends attempt to free the giant trapped beneath the House of Parliament. As he is chided to both watch and ultimately help his friends, he realizes that there is something wrong with this scenario. He thinks back and realizes that there is something wrong with everything he’s been dealing with lately, but it might be too late to stop what’s coming when his older self decides it’s time to collect John’s soul.

Constantine decides to take some drastic steps to fool his older self. Steps that will sacrifice one of his new allies. Unfortunately, you can’t con a con man and the older Constantine is ready for his tricks. When John makes one final realization, a brutal truth will change everything for good and ill for John Constantine.

The Story: Simon Spurrier crafts a brilliantly offbeat conclusion to this story. All of the story elements are brought together in a way that makes the characters leap from the page. There is a dark, emotional core to this story that makes you appreciate John Constantine for just how complicated he is as a character. The reveals are well laid out and feel organic and the story ends on a note that begs for more story to be told.

The Art: Aaron Campbell lays out some beautifully dark and visceral imagery throughout this issue. Everything looks great and is filled with a darkness that matches the tone of the story.

John Constantine Hellblazer #12



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