Jim Henson’s The Storyteller #4


Story and Art by Celia Lowenthal

Our narrator finds himself in a familiar place, sitting in front of a dying fire. As his trusty companion tries to convince him to handle the flames, the Storyteller decides to tell his final tale from the world of Fairies.

As we learn about the fickle nature of fairies, the tale begins with a young man waking up in the morning. The young shepherd lives with his mother who doesn’t approve of his friends and how he spends his nights. As he has no love for spending his days watching over sheep, he doesn’t argue with her. She confronts him with his behavior and he storms away angry.


Without knowing it, the young man stumbles upon a fairy dance and the assorted fairies decide to dance and play with him. As he spends more time with them, something strange begins to happen and the young man finds himself in the world of the fairies. He is enamored with the beauty and splendor around him and the generosity and of his hosts. So much in fact that he doesn’t want to leave. He is given the choice to stay in a world of delight and joy where he would be rich and prosperous. Of course no gift comes without cost and the one presented to the young man was interesting to say the least.

This is a beautifully told tale that, if I continued to talk about it, would ruin it for potential readers. This series does an amazing job of immersing the reader in the story and the culture around it and it is a testament to good storytelling from Lowenthal. The art is complimentary to every panel and everything flowed with the visuals and the narrative.


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