Aquaman director James Wan is returning to his horror roots with a new project for Universal.

According to an exclusive in The Hollywood Reporter, James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring) is teaming up with Universal Pictures for a new horror film that is connected to their legacy of classic monsters.


Co-executive producer and longtime writer of The CW’s Supernatural Robbie Thompson is writing the script for the untitled film which will focus on a group of teens who discover that one of their neighbors is building a monster in his basement. The horror takes off when the monster escapes. Wan will executive produce the film, but there are no plans for him to direct.

The Frankenstein comparisons are too obvious to ignore and it looks like Universal is going back to its classic monsters after the success of the Elisabeth Moss led psychological thriller The Invisible Man. This latest move signifies that the studio is continuing to build a new catalog of films based on their classic monsters, but are not attempting to revive their stalled attempt at a connected Dark Universe of films again.

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