James Bond Kill Chain #6

Dynamite Comics

Written by Andy Diggle

Art by Luca Casalanguida

Colors by Chris Blythe

Letters by Simon Bowland

Issue number six is just full throttle action from start to finish. As an AWAC is getting ready to take off from a NATO airbase in Turkey, a lone jeep makes its way onto the tarmac in hot pursuit. The man behind the wheel is James Bond and he needs to get on board that plane before it takes off. As the plane makes its way over the ocean, the MI6 Operations Center in London gets a flash communique from 007, but it might be too late for them to stop what’s coming.


Chaos is erupting around the world as power goes out all over Europe. As the plane continues on course, it begins to dock with a NATO AWAC over open ocean for refueling. As the NATO plane starts to take on fuel, they don’t know that Rika and her crew are uploading a virus that can devastate all of Europe and Bond must make a risky and dangerous move to stop the upload. A move that causes a firefight on board a military plane full of fuel over the open ocean.

Kill Chain is classic Bond action. There are some great visuals in this issue and the pacing of the story was very well done. Diggle was able to put some great hero moments into this issue and Casalanguida’s art punctuated the action with some amazing camera angles and details. I really enjoyed the overall story, but they did a great job with this issue from an action and story standpoint. This was solid storytelling all the way through.


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