Iron Man #12

Marvel Comics

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Iron Man must battle Galactus’ defenses before Korvac and his team arrive.

Tony and Colin infiltrate Galactus’ stronghold and while the destroyer isn’t there, his defenses are still on and formidable. As they make their way through armed drones and defensive robots, Tony reveals that he is not doing well physically. After making it deep into the giant ship, another alarm alerts the pair that an external intruder is imminent. Tony races off to discover whether its his team or Korvac. As Colin works on shutting off the defenses, Tony discovers who has arrived on Galactus’ ship.

Tony goes after Korvac and his team alongside Colin, but the two find themselves outmatched leaving Tony near death. At the same time, the rest of his team arrives to stop Korvac before he destroys the universe.

The Story: Cantwell brings Iron Man back into the action and intrigue that have been building throughout this arc. Sending Tony into a technology nightmare is both fun and exciting and adding the addiction elements to the story enhances the danger to the character. The story has a great build up throughout and keeping it focused on Tony was a great narrative choice. Bringing Korvac back into the mix was executed well and the fight between them was awesome. I love the cliffhanger ending and cannot wait to see how the story continues.

The Art: Angel Unzueta delivers some powerful visuals throughout the issue. There are so many great action moments and the art perfectly captures the mood and tone of the story.

Iron Man #12



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