Anyone following the Marvel shows on Netflix knows that cameos and appearances of other heroes are not uncommon (at least in the limited sense). Even with Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple being the emotional link between all of these characters, there are certain pairings that fans of the comics have been expecting.


According to set photos from the new season of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Finn Jones will be reprising his role of Danny Rand aka The Iron Fist in an episode. The last time Luke Cage and Iron Fist were together was in Marvel’s The Defenders and the end found the team successful, but disbanding and going back to their worlds and lives. While it looks like Luke can’t stay out of danger protecting Harlem, Danny has found a renewed sense of purpose after Daredevil’s sacrifice.

At the end of the limited series, Danny was seen on a rooftop in a version of his costume and overlooking the city he swore Daredevil that he would protect. Could Danny be enlisting Luke to help him take on another threat to the city? Does Luke call in Iron Fist to help him deal with a problem that might have supernatural elements that only Danny can understand? Is this the beginnings of Heroes for Hire?


All will hopefully be revealed when the next season of  Luke Cage launches on Netflix sometime in 2018.

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