Infinite Frontier Secret Files #1

DC Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas, Joshua Williamson, Stephanie Phillips, Dan Watters

Art by Valentine De Landro, Inaki Miranda, Stephen Byrne, Phil Hester and Christopher Mitten

Inks by Ande Parks

Colors by Marissa Louise, Triona Farrell, Nick Filardi and Dave Stewart

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Director Bones investigates the newest group of multiverse protectors.

Make Time

Director Bones begins his investigation by learning everything that he can about the Superman of Earth 23 also known as Calvin Ellis. On the planet itself, Ellis tries to find the most efficient way to go through his day both as the President of the United States and as Superman. As his day continues to get more dense with Superman related threats including a multiverse incursion, Cal finds that there might be a link between the events, but he needs to find a way to rest and recharge before going back into the fight.

Seeing Red

Roy Harper is alive and Bones listens to the tapes to determine what kind of man Roy will be. After listening to the highs and lows of the man’s volatile life, he has to determine if Roy will be an asset or a hindrance when it comes to defending the multiverse. As for the man himself, he is trying to find himself in some dark places.

My Brother is A Kind Shadow

Jade and Obsidian are next on Bones’ list and the fact that they both have checkered and spotted pasts make things difficult. Jade has been returned to the land of the living and she is unsure that the power she wields will protect her in the long term. Her brother attempts to comfort her, but an alert of an otherworldly threat takes precedent and brother and sister go to investigate. When they arrive, they find a villain from Jade’s past that has returned with the remade multiverse. A villain that will find something more interesting to occupy her time.

The Two Totalities

Martian Manhunters from two different realities decide to conduct similar experiments at the same time resulting in both of their teams converging on one location. As the two teams fight, both version of the Manhunter decide to conduct an experiment of their own. An experiment to determine if their teams could continue to work together given the mixture of heroes and villains with their own agendas.

Truly Two

Bones’ own past and his methods are the subject of the next story as Bones brings in Captain Boomerang to discuss his time in the multiverse and what effects it had one him. When Bones triggers a change in Boomerang, he finds himself on the run from a monstrous version of the rogue that might hold the key to what Bones needs.

The Third Question

Bones’ next tape regards Psycho Pirate. A tape that will take him too close to the being behind the scenes. As Psycho Pirate attempts to find someone who will join him, he asks a series of questions. Unfortunately, his search for a kindred spirit will bring him face to face with someone who will change everything as he prepares for the end.

The Story: All of the stories in this volume do a great job of bringing the reader a step closer to understanding the vastness of this story and every one is brilliantly told.

The Art: Each artist brings a visual flair to each story and they all capture the mood and tone of the stories they are telling.

Infinite Frontier Secret Files #1



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