If You Find This, I’m Already Dead #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Dan McDaid

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: A reporter finds herself on a hostile alien world being hunted by the creatures that control it.

Robin Reed is a reporter on an assignment to document a military incursion onto an alien world in another dimension. A world that the military has created a base on staffed by a small band of soldiers highly skilled and well trained.

Less than an hour after landing, everything goes to hell and Robin finds herself running for her life alongside the mission commander into a strange underground world filled with an alien society that Robin notes has many of the dangers of our own. A world she must survive in order to tell her story.

The Story: Kindt crafts an engaging, action packed debut issue with this story. The story has a lot of compelling elements and a story that instantly grabbed my attention both in its premise and its action. An incredibly thrilling and entertaining story that is crafting an engaging mystery that I want to see explored.

The Art: McDaid delivers on the thrills with the art in this issue. The imagery is vibrant and beautifully detailed.

If You Find This, I’m Already Dead #1



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