ICYMI: Funko's NEW SDCC Releases! (Waves 3-8)


Hello again to all my fellow Funko Funatics! I have here before us, in my opinion, some of the BEST SDCC Waves from Funko we have received in recent history! Ranging from Marvel to DC and Willy Wonka to The Hair Bear Bunch, this has been the most interesting, diverse, and fun line-up I’ve seen and I sincerely look forward to their official releases.  As updated in my last post, we did get official confirmation via @Funko on Twitter stating that there will be shared convention exclusives available to certain retailers that will be officially announced once the convention begins on July 21st. So without further adieu, here are the most recent Waves for San Diego Comic-Con as announced by Funko!


Wave 3:

There a few pieces in this wave that I am absolutely excited about! First one being Doctor Strange, which we are seeing here as the FIRST release from the Doctor Strange movie line, unlike the regular release Doctor Strange which is apart of the Marvel Universe line.

Second are the famous Hitchhiker Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion Ride located in Disney World. This set of four were released originally as Disney Park Exclusives and quickly became popular, this set announced for SDCC however seems to have an added feature that was not included with the first release of these characters, Glow in the Dark.


Wave 4:

Wave 4 brings even more to SDCC this year being the largest Wave announcement so far! Cursed Barbosa, Dug, and the Wreck It Ralph Dorbz are some of my favorites out of this wave. I was excited for the Burning Walker, but the more I look at it the more it just reminds me of a 92-year old Ghost Rider but still reminds me of one of my favorite The Walking Dead episodes.


Wave 5:

DOOMSDAY! This announcement excited me I’m sure as much as it did you. That Doomsday 6-inch figure looks incredible! We also add Malcom Merlin to the fold accompanied by another Deadpool Variant (pretty sure we’re 30 something variants now), as well as a collection of colorful Hair Bear variants.


Wave 6:

Game of Thrones! 6-inch Gorilla Grodd! Another Deadpool…

The Chrome ’66 Batmobile Pop Ride, Gorilla Grodd, and the Game of Thrones Dorbz featuring The Hound are my favorites out of this wave. I love that we finally get a version of The Hound with his amor and if the detail shown in this picture is any indicator of what we will actually see, this Dorbz should be incredible.


Wave 7:

We have Mag the Mighty, the elusive Suicide Squad trailer Batman, Liv Moore from iZombie, a clear Pete’s Dragon, our very FIRST Signature Stan Lee Dorbz, and a very patriotic Snoopy. There is such a high level of awesome with this wave I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Well done, Funko, well done.


Wave 8:

In Conclusion, our most recently announced Wave 8! Wave 8 shows an expansion for Harrison Ford in the way of a new Han Solo, holding his walking carpet counterpart’s Bow Caster, and the legendary archaeologist himself, Indiana Jones (first of his line)! We also get a new variant of BB-8 with his Thumbs Up direct from the movie, as well as our first Freddy Funko Pop Ride, debut of Iceman into our Funko Universe, and an admittedly cool Murloc from World of Warcraft.


All in all, I am excited, to say the least, to hopefully gain the opportunity to add many of these new and incredible pieces to my ever growing collection. My wallet surely will not thank me this Comic-Con, but I can always ask for forgiveness later!

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