I am Iron Man #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Murewa Ayodele

Art by Dotun Akande

Colors by Dotun Akande

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Tony Stark finds himself dealing with a persistent threat through time.

In the past, a group of creatures breaks through the streets of New York and Iron Man is on the scene to stop them. When he encounters the woman controlling them, she reveals that she is from the future and that fighting him at this point isn’t giving her what she wants before she disappears.

Knowing she will return another time, Tony makes preparations both in the present and the future for their next engagement. One that will cost Tony a lot in the future as their next fight begins.

The Story: An engaging and entertaining story that gives the reader a greater appreciation of the character of Iron Man and Tony Stark. The plot is interesting and there are some really compelling moments within it. The villain wasn’t particularly memorable, but she served her purpose in furtherance of the plot. While her motivations were weak, her presence did enhance the notion of Stark as a strategist and futurist which was enjoyable.

The Art: Akande delivers some visually fun and engaging art throughout the issue. The art style works really well with the pacing and intensity of the story.

I am Iron Man #1



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