I Am Batman #8

DC Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Christian Duce

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by ALW’s Troy Peteri

The Rundown: A powerful serial killer wreaks havoc in New York while Jace worries about his impact as Batman.

Batman has a brutal confrontation with a deadly new enemy. Afterwards, Jace has self-reflective conversations with both his father and youngest sibling. Elsewhere, he becomes the topic of discussion of his dear friends and later discusses his intentions with Vol.

Meanwhile the conflict between politicians and the NYPD continues. Finally, a dire situation involving Commissioner Beckett may change the way the city view itself.

The Story: This story dealt with the different ideology associated with battling injustice. As Jace questions his motivations and self-worth, a serial killer operates under the guise of humanitarian. I was especially moved by the conversation between the two masked adversaries involving purpose. I am interested in seeing what happens next and what lessons will Jace learn from his experience.

The Art: This action-packed issue is filled with brilliantly crafted action scenes. The attention to detail shown in both character and surroundings made for a strong visually immersive environment. I felt both transported and emotionally engaged through the story.

I Am Batman #8



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