Hunt-for-Wolverine-Adamantium-Agenda-1-Cover-600x923Hunt for Wolverine : The Adamanium Agenda #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by R.B. Silva

Inks by Adriano di Benedetto

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

The issue begins with a cordoned off section of Tribeca where a S.H.I.E.L.D. crew discovers what looks like a bomb getting ready to go off in five minutes. The Avengers, which consist of Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Wolverine are trying to find a way to end the threat. Unfortunately, it’s going to take one person to stay behind and set it off to minimize the damage. Luke steps up to take on the challenge, but Wolverine intervenes with an explanation that is actually really selfless and sweet before taking on the bomb himself.


After the bomb goes off, Iron Man shows up to determine what’s going on. In the present, we discover that Tony Stark owes Logan something and is determined to find out who took Logan’s body. After getting a tip, he decides to contact Spider-Man, Luke and Jessica. The reason why is actually really good and the tip Tony gets is really interesting. The team makes their way to a submarine off the coast of Guam and they board in disguise to get Tony into the auction to see what’s being bid on.

After a dust up with the protection on board the sub, the first wrinkle in the plan is introduced, which is compelling in how it hampers the abilities of most of the team while putting one in extreme danger. What follows is an ending that is potentially explosive for two members of the team because it involves someone close to both of them.

I really loved the end of this issue. It was a solid story throughout, but Taylor and Silva really pulled it out dramatically at the end. Both the narrative and art were great. I loved the pacing of the story and how it transitioned from the past to the present, but the ending made me giddy for an all-out explosive slug fest at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine because everything seems to be gearing up to that.

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