Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Martin Coccolo

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Thor decides to make Hulk pay for a crime that he might not have committed.

A battle is raging. One that has gotten the attention of Uatu the Watcher. A battle between the thrice tested king of Asgard who has been looking for a rematch against his once ally and a force of nature that has finally found a level of control because of technology and the ingenuity of its pilot. A man who just wants to be left alone.

When Sif finally discovers where Hulk has gone, Thor goes into pursuit and the two battle across an alien world. Both warriors find themselves not only facing each other, but the voices that only they can hear. As the battle moves to another realm, Thor accuses Hulk of an unspeakable crime. A crime that will cause Thor do something desperate to get answers.

The Story: Cates crafts an entertaining and thrilling story for both characters. As someone who has been following both character arcs in their solo stories, this was an interesting team up that has some great story and character potential. I like that Cates infuses the story with humor as well and the internal conflicts both Thor and Banner have make for some great moments in the story.

The Art: Coccolo delivers some thrilling art in the issue. There are some great visual moments with the fights and the action is beautifully detailed.

Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War #1



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