large-5247981House of X #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Pepe Larraz

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The fight to stop the Mother Mold before it comes online will end in fire and death.

Charles Xavier gathers a team of X-Men to the observation room to get in contact with the team on the Mother Mold base. Once they get in touch with the team, they discover that Scott and Jean have taken heavy losses and their chances of escape are getting thin. With one more chance to end the threat of the Mother Mold once and for all, Scott and company break up into smaller teams and begin their possibly final mission.


Doctor Gregor and the remaining humans on the base do their best to fight back against the advancing X-Men and their coordinated attack. The final battle between both sides will leave death, destruction and devastation on both sides with Logan and Kurt giving everything they have to complete the mission and Scott and Jean facing the wrath of the Sentinels.

The Story: This issue was intense from start to finish. Jonathan Hickman grabs hold of the audience and takes them on a ride filled with emotion, intensity and drama that never lets up. The characters are written brilliantly and the scenario they face is filled with danger. It is a testament to the writing of this issue that every moment manages to find the reader emotionally. Hickman crafts a story that is both tragic and triumphant with moments that remind the reader why the X-Men are so dynamic and enduring.

The Art: Pepe Larraz delivers some stunning art in this issue. Every page is filled with beauty, detail and energy in both the action and the characters. The panels kept pace with the rising action of the story and there are some visually dramatic moments throughout the issue.

House of X #4




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