Home #5

Image Comics

Written by Julio Anta

Art by Anna Wieszczyk

Colors by Bryan Valenza

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: Juan and his family face-off against a group of ICE agents.

Juan escapes ICE agents in his aunt’s home. However, he is cornered, soon after, in the lot below. He decides to confront the agents and unleashes his powers. As the agents retaliate, Camila and Andres come to his aid. Later, Gladys arrives on the scene. Afterwards, the family members retreat to a secret location and monitor the fall out from their actions via television. When city government officials make an appeal to the family, they group must decide how to proceed. In the end, a city official has a revealing conversation with someone unexpected.

The Story: In this chapter, Julio Anta crafts a thrilling conclusion to this powerful series. I cheered when Juan decides to fight back against his assailants. I’ve grown extremely attached to this character and his caretakers and it felt good to see him take a stand against a terrible injustice. In fact, everything about the conflict scene was brilliantly done as well as the aftermath.

The hope shown by Juan, and the cynicism of his cousins is very familiar and timely. The entire episode felt very real in its conflicts and resolutions. I love how this super hero origin story explicitly shows the fear the U.S. has of immigrants coming into their own, and fighting back against oppression.

I can do nothing more than give praise to this story and express my appreciation for Anta’s courage in bringing his vision to life. We need more stories of Juan and his family! I sincerely hope we are given that opportunity sooner than later.

The Art: Wieszczyk and Valenza use youthful artwork and a changing color palette to create this visually appealing issue. The action sequence is exciting and completely engaging. The attention to detail creates an emotional connection that doesn’t stop until the final page is turned.

Home #5



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