Compass: The Cauldron of Eternal Life #3

Image Comics

Written by Robert Mackenzie & David Walker

Art by Justin Greenwood

Colors by Daniela Miwa

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Shahidah El-Amin and Ling Hua face grave danger in a mysterious cavern

Shahidah is forced to drink a potion given by the Druids. They then send her on a journey that involves participating in a mystical trial. Meanwhile, Ling faces the wrath of a powerful ruler who sends her somewhere mysterious. After a series of supernatural encounters, Shahidah and Ling are reunited. The two must then decide how to proceed .

The Story: MacKenzie and Walker continue to serve intrigue and excitement in this unique adventure. I like how Shahidah and Ling are forced to team up. They have an interesting dynamic that I would like to see more of. The pair have found themselves in precarious situation, and I look forward to find out what happens next in their story.

The Art: In this edition, traditional artwork is highlighted by a subdued color palette emphasized by variations of blue. The action scenes are interesting and exciting. And the attention to detail is very connective. The illustration in this issue does a good job interpreting the tone of the narrative.

Compass: The Cauldron of Eternal Life #3



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