His Dark Materials


Season 2 Episode 7


Official Description – Season Two Finale. As all paths converge on Cittagazze, Will and Lyra’s lives are changed forever.

The season two finale of His Dark Materials is a fast paced emotional world-wind of anxiety and sorrow. The multitude of groups have all found there way to Cittagaze, the city in the sky. There are several groups searching for Will and Lyra, all with different agendas. However, the ever present threat of the Magisterium, and its actors, are the driving force behind much of the action in this episode.

Also, the deadly Specters become a calculated threat. They are now guided by an unexpected force who wields them mercilessly in an attempt to capture Lyra.

Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua, Ruth wilson as Mrs Coulter

Will and Lyra are aided in their journey by a group of witches. Lyra is determined to help Will find his father. The witches have sworn to protect Lyra, thus extending their protection to him as well.

As the episode concludes, a new plot is formed, valuable information is discovered about the upcoming war, and an old threat makes a surprising alliance.

This episode has some shocking losses. And, however morbid, one of the more lovely cinematic moments comes when watching a dæmon turn to dust when their human dies. It brings a strange sense of closure to sudden and often tragic losses.

The convergence of characters build just the right amount of anxiety and the viewer is left in anticipation of what promises to be a fulfilling final season of the show.

His Dark Materials S02XE07



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