hexwitchesissue4-coverHex Wives #4

DC Comics/ Vertigo Comics

Written by Ben Blacker

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Josh Reed

After accidentally killing one of Damina’s cats, Becky finds herself floating in the air until crashing into her house brings her back to Earth. Izzy finds her friend and tries to find out what happened. Becky wants to know herself and she wants to tell all the other ladies what happened as well.


At the secret base beneath the town, Aaron and his crew are finding it hard to see what the ladies are doing because the cats keep covering the cameras. While the rest of the guys are content to be complacent about things, Aaron knows something is wrong. He springs into action after a call sends him on a desperate quest to maintain order and keep the plan in place. A task that is getting harder and harder to do when the wives begin to keep the details of their secret meeting with Becky from their husbands and Isadora makes an interesting connection to the events and decides to conduct a little experiment.

Every issue is another example of subversive fun. Ben Blacker uses the tension of the situation to weave an entertaining and incredibly fun story that only gets more intense as the reader witnesses how Aaron’s plans balance on the edge of a knife blade. Everything is building to something huge and delightfully dark as Blacker pushes the characters closer to a showdown with the audience hoping for an entertaining celebration of gory vengeance. The use of blood as the catalyst for the changes that are happening to these women is perfect in what it signifies for the women as well as what is coming for the men.

Mirka Andolfo’s visual style is the perfect complement to Blacker’s story and its tone. There are so many amazing panels and the panic rendered on Aaron’s face is delightful. All of the great visuals lead to a final page that opens the floodgates for something visually stunning to happen in the next issue.

Hex Wives #4




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