large-3779239Heroes in Crisis #5

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Clay Mann

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are lying low and working on their next move. Booster’s suggestion is to do the same thing he just did because it’s something no one would suspect. Ted is skeptical, but they put his plan in motion to break into Barry’s lab to look at the crime scene evidence.


Batgirl and Harley confront Skeets about Booster’s location and Barbara seemingly tricks Batman into letting her take him. While Booster makes a discovery about one of the victims that might upend the investigation, the media scrutiny around the existence of Sanctuary causes Superman to address the people about the toll being a hero can take.

In the buildup to a defining moment for the Trinity, King shows a quiet moment with Clark that makes you appreciate the Lois/Clark dynamic more. Tom King challenges the reader with a surprisingly emotional speech by the man of steel. One that sums up the bigger idea of this series. It’s handled exceedingly well and never feels like the character or the writer is pandering to the audience.

The themes of death and resurrection in this issue are interesting and the Commander Steel moment in the issue is extremely emotional and showcases something interesting as well. The fact that certain characters that are not top tier heroes seems to die and come back a lot would take an emotional toll on someone and Steel sums that up well.

Even with all of the emotional moments sprinkled throughout this issue, King never forgets the investigation at the heart of this series. An investigation that Booster is able to find an interesting clue in. It’s a great moment that King uses to tease an even bigger story to come from this series and the moment is built to extremely well.

Clay Mann has extremely beautiful art throughout this issue and everything is gloriously detailed. Do yourself a favor and check out the art, especially the splash page with Booster and Beetle. There is a hidden message in it that is extremely clever.

Heroes in Crisis #5




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