Hellions #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Stephen Segovia

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Madelyne Pryor has plans for Sinister and the rest of the resident of Krakoa. Plans that will leave death and destruction in her wake.


Madelyne has plans for the mutants of Krakoa and her creator Sinister. Plans that will stain the ground with blood and never let them forget about her again. When she confronts Havok about them, he goes to unusual lengths to tell her how he feels about her and those feelings are exactly what she’s counting on as she begins the next part of her plan. Unfortunately, Alex and the rest of the Hellions will have to pay the ultimate price for it to succeed.

At the same time Psylocke has her own problems trying to reach the rest of the team. A problem in the form of Wild Child. With no one to leash him, he has reverted to his animal nature and attacked Psylocke. She will have to go to extreme measures to bring him to heel and she needs to do it fast before Madelyne finishes her plan and Psylocke succumbs to her wounds.

The Story: Zeb Wells takes the reader to some dark places in this issue. The story is intense and has some truly scary moments throughout. Both the struggle between Madelyne and Alex and Psylocke and Wild Child are intense psychological battles that brutal and engaging. I was blown away by how dark this story is and the places Wells was willing to take it as he ramped up the action and fear. A great story with some truly great dialogue throughout.

The Art: Stephen Segovia raises the level of the art in this issue and every page is filled with beautiful details as well as scary and intense moments. The contrast between the two main conflicts is amazing and the horror is visceral.

Hellions #3




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