Former Marvel Comics editor Heather Antos (@heatherantos) is returning to the comic book world with a new gig at a new publisher.

According to multiple sources including The Hollywood Reporter, Antos has been hired as an editor at Valiant Entertainment.


Valiant Entertainment is the publisher of comic book series like Ninjak, Bloodshot, Quantum and Woody, Shadowman, Faith and more. Antos was the editor of the incredibly popular Deadpool and Star Wars series of books at Marvel. According to a press release from Valiant Entertainment senior editorial director Robert Meyers;

”Heather has a sterling reputation, from the launching of the Star Wars line at Marvel, to her recent work at Image on Injection and Bitter Root; she is the kind of voice we want at Valiant,” he said in the statement. Antos recently completed an interview the The Beat where she talked about the new position;

“Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows of my deep love for horror and using genre to explore the darker reflections of humanity. However, that genre wasn’t something I was able to dabble on as deep as I wanted to during my time at Marvel. This is all changing at Valiant, though. And I cannot wait to explore their universe through this lens!”

We couldn’t be happier to see someone of Antos’ talent and charm find a new gig in the comic book industry. I was lucky enough to interview her myself last year and really learned a lot about the business and the role an editor plays in the production of a series. Valiant is lucky to have her and I can’t wait to see what stories she brings to the publisher.

Check out my interview with Heather Antos here.


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