HBO and Sony are bringing the popular video game series The Last of Us to life with a new series and the network has found a director.

Based on the popular game series from Sony and Naughty Dog, Last of Us will feature the adventures of Joel, a smuggler in a future world where modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel is hired to smuggle 14 year old Ellie out of a quarantine zone because she may be the key to a cure for the deadly pandemic that wiped out society. The pair will have to depend on and defend each other as they traverse a devastated US.

Kantemir Balagov has been brought on to direct the series for HBO. Balagov is known for the Russian language dramas Closeness and Beanpole. Balagov is a director who tackles serious subjects and this move looks like Last of Us will take the serious tone that the games are known for.

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