81OiEwhg92L._SL1500_Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten

Well Go USA Entertainment

Starring Nilam Farooq, Farina Flebbe, Sonja Gerhardt, Maxine Kazis, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Emilio Sakraya, Tim Oliver Shultz, Davis Shulz and Timmi Trinks

Written by Michael David Pate and Ecki Zeidrich

Directed by Michael David Pate

A group of vloggers illegally access a condemned asylum for a “Will You Survive the Night” viral social media challenge. Equipped with night vision and thermal cameras, the adolescent adrenaline junkies chase the rumors of paranormal activity, not only learning they are not alone…..they are not welcome.



Haunted Hospital is trying to be a lot of things and whenever it veers down one plot course, it almost immediately gets scared to commit to that setup and shifts to something else. The film has no sense of itself and that comes across when trying to center on either the main plot of the film or who I should be rooting for.

The characters are devoid of depth or personality. If they’re being portrayed as vapid personalities, that’s fine, but there is nothing throughout the course of the plot or in the finale that gives the viewer a sense that they should care.


The direction was all over the place. Nothing was framed in a way that made the film appealing to watch. The found footage genre straddles a fine line between being an interesting mystery and an unwatchable slog. This film is the latter. Too many quick cuts and shots that promise interesting things to come, but never deliver.

The end is a confusing mishmash of genres. It tries desperately to be Paranormal Activity mixed with Saw and Hostel and fails at all three. Even the final reveal offers nothing because there was nothing in the film that made that moment possible or compelling.

Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten




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