Harley-Quinn-Cv74Harley Quinn #74

DC Comics 

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri

Colors by HI-FI

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Harley must decide if she really wants to pursue the investigation of her friends death to the end because of who she will have to face when she gets there.


Finding out that Granny Goodness is behind the death of her friend is bad enough, but when Harley decides to continue her investigation, not only does she discover Granny and her plan to feed a growing Fire Pit beneath Los Angeles until it bursts forth and enslaves the world, but also that the dead real estate guy who had her friend killed is still alive.

After taking on Granny, Harley learns a deep dark secret at the core of the woman. One that connects the two of them in grief. Will it be enough to convince Granny Goodness to end her plan or will Harley have to bring her down again to get justice and save the world?

The Story: Humphries brings this arc to a satisfying end. It was fun, funny and had heart. Harley’s journey continues to be interesting and Humphries does an excellent job of making the character face the reality of her loss and what it is making her do. There are plenty of fun and insightful moments throughout this issue and the ending with Booster Gold was really sweet.

The Art: Sami Basri has a beautifully distinctive style that is perfectly matched with the frenetic energy of Harley Quinn as a character. Not only do the characters look great, but they are some of the most expressive drawings I’ve seen in a lot of comics.


Harley Quinn #74




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