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Harley Quinn #56

DC ComicsĀ 

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Mirka Andolfo

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The dark side of fandom is featured in a story………about herding cats.

Harley Quinn has a problem.


Her allergies are out of control and they are affecting everything in her life, including her mood. The only way that she can get some relief is to talk to her neighbor a retired cat burglar who literally used cats to commit robberies. She informs him that he needs to get rid of some of his cats. He agrees, but only if Harley is the one to do it.

Harley’s adventure begins with giving cats away to her friends and giving away the rest. When she returns to her friend Nate and seems him getting beat up, she intervenes and discovers that a powerful cabal of men who believe they should be the only ones offering pets to people is going after anyone Harley gave a cat to. When Harley embarrasses a group of them, they return en masse to harass her into submission. Just one of their many mistakes.

There is no subtlety in this issue. Anyone who follows comics, especially on social media, knows some or all of the circumstances that prompted this story. It’s an attack on gatekeeper fandom and it is amusing. There isn’t any deep message to it and it’s not trying to create one. Mark Russell is making fun of these movements and I presume there is a bit of catharsis in it as a creator. Ultimately, it’s a fun nothing story that gives the creative team the opportunity to blow off steam.

Mirka Andolfo’s art is amazing and I enjoyed the fun art and funny sight gags in the panels.

Harley Quinn #56




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