Harley Quinn #47

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by John Timms

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Harley Quinn is having her mind destroyed by Bernadeth and her Psycho Crusher. When Quinn emerges from the machine, the torturer wants her to swear her allegiance to Darkseid. Harley answers in the only way she can, ending up back in her cell with an even more frustrated Bernadeth promising to break her. It’s a funny moment that either reinforces how resilient Quinn is or just how crazy she can be.

Either way, Harley and her cellmate Tina escape from their cell and Harley learns more about the woman as they look for a way to escape, even finding themselves in Granny Goodness’ bedroom. A prospect that is disturbing in more ways than one. When Harley finds the armory and is reunited with her hammer, she has a moral dilemma regarding her desire to escape and Granny getting ready to convert another group of prisoners. What follows is a hilarious plan to free the prisoners and stop Granny once and for all.

This issue was fun. The stakes were relatively low, which helped to emphasize the comedy. Humphries does a great job with dialogue in this issue and it flows well between characters. I really enjoyed the banter between Harley and Tina and it’s easy to see how the character has endured from her beginnings.

Timms’ artwork is sublime. It’s one of the best renderings of the character of Harley Quinn I have seen and Timms does a great job of framing a panel both for comedy and action with some incredible exaggerated action panels.

Harley Quinn #47




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