Harley Quinn #22

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Matteo Lolli and David Baldeón

Colors by Rain Beredo

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: After Harley and Kevin’s return to Gotham leads to a tragedy.

The story opens with Kevin Seeking out the League of Shadows in a cold and isolated location. He then makes a stunning request of Angel Breaker who reluctantly agrees. Afterwards, an incident in the Lazarus Pit yields unexpected results.

72 hours in the past, Harley and Kevin bring a new friend home to Gotham. When Harley shows off her new living accommodations, deadly event occurs.

The Story: Stephanie Phillips creates an exciting new story arc that builds upon the events in Harley Quinn: 2022 Annual #1. I love Kevin and Harley’s friendship and this issue showed its many facets. I was also intrigued at the comedic edition of a new friend/pet that already perfectly fits into both the series and Harley’s life. Now that Harley faces a horrifying new challenge, it will be interesting to see how her found family will shape the upcoming events.

The Art: The artwork in this issue makes a slight return to the fanciful whimsy presented prior to the Task Force XX arc. The illustrations are colorful, but there is a distinct tonal difference between the present and recent past. The detailed drawings provide an immersive experience and the attention to character expression is captivating.

Harley Quinn #22



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