Harley Quinn #16

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Riley Rossmo

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by AndWorld Design

The Rundown: Verdict’s history with Harley Quinn and subsequent motivations are revealed, and a surprise reunion yields startling results.

The story begins in the past with Batman chasing Harley after she commits a crime. Afterwards, she finds herself in holding at the GCPD where her unusual antics cause a commotion. This leads the officers on duty to discuss Arkham Asylum and its practices. Soon officers Payne and Hoffman are assigned to escort Harley to a new location. After a tragedy occurs, Officer Payne is left injured and grappling with startling revelations. She then makes a shocking decision.

In the present, Kevin and Sam have an enlightening conversation, while he bandages her wounds from a previous conflict. Then, when Harley arrives on the scene, Sam does something unexpected.

The Story: Phillips does an excellent job with crafting this surprisingly emotional chapter. I was especially impressed with the narration as it delivers the insights of a character whose identity is not immediately revealed. This story deals with both character growth and the aftereffects of a tragedy, including PTSD. It also reminds the reader that Harley’s dark past has lingering effects on those she’s wronged. The dramatic ending of this issue is shocking but promising, and I’m very interested in seeing what happens next for these characters.

The Art: This episode uses a modern design with distorted human characteristics. The tone is youthful, and the art has a rambunctious, yet dreamlike quality, that matches Harley’s emotional state. I found this issue to be both visually appealing and immersive.

Harley Quinn #16



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