Harley Quinn #1

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Riley Rossmo

Color by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Upon her return to Gotham, Harley Quinn rebuilds her life after the Joker War.

Harley receives a cold reception when she tries to make amends to an old friend. On her way home she encounters a group of strangers. There she is reminded of the changes in both Gotham and herself. When she arrives at her apartment, Harley is met by someone unexpected. She then goes on a mission with a former foe.

The Story: Harley Quinn working against Gotham’s villains always makes for interest content. And Stephanie Phillips has set up for a fresh take on that idea. I’m looking forward to seeing how this storyline goes in the future.

The Art: Riley Rossmo uses a youthful and detailed style of drawing for this issue. The panels are then set off by the bold and brilliant coloring of Ivan Plascencia. The combination invokes a wild and fantastical world that perfectly fits with the mindset of the protagonist.

Harley Quinn #1



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