744311._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Colors by Marte Gracia

Letters by Cory Petit

The hunt for Gamora continues as Eros begins to wonder if he is becoming more like his mad older brother Thanos. Gladiator calls him to let him know that the Dark Guardians of the Galaxy have located their quarry, Richard Rider and are running him to ground.


In the Negative Zone, Annihilus has a violent run in with Hela and the Black Order. A run in that will yield the lord of Hel the object that she has been seeking across the universe.

Nova has crashed on an alien planet and the Dark Guardians are on his heels. They want to know where Gamora is because they are determined to end her before she becomes the next Thanos. Richard refuses to tell them and when he escapes, Nebula tells her team to let him go and track him to her.

Peter Quill is dealing with the loss of his team and Groot has decided he’s had enough of Quill’s self-destructive behavior. In a bold move, Groot take command of the ship and he and the new Guardians of the Galaxy go on the search for Gamora and the team discovers from Quill that she is hunting for one of their own.

This story is getting dark for all the characters involved. Peter’s descent and Eros’ lamentations are two sides of an interesting and engaging story that Donny Cates is skillfully crafting for the reader. Even without Gamora and Thanos in the story, their presence and potential threat are conveyed through the actions of the groups hunting them. Cates continues to make this series interesting and I really want to see who reaches Gamora first and what happens when they do.

Geoff Shaw delivers some spectacular art in this issue and everything looks beautifully detailed.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3




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