728766._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Donny Cates

Art by Geoff Shaw

Colors by Marte Gracia

Starfox is overseeing a gathering of the most powerful space based heroes along with representatives of the Kree, the Shi’ar, the Skrulls and the Asgardians. Their purpose, a reading of the Last Will and Testament of the Mad Titan Thanos. Even with his headless corpse lying in front of them, there are several who do not believe Thanos is dead and the speech he delivers is designed to tell the gathered foes that they are right.


Thanos tells the assembled crowd that, in the event of his death, he has made arrangements to have his consciousness transferred into the body of another. As the gathered panic and wonder what this means, Thanos’ recording revels in their confusion before fading away. It’s a pretty badass moment that prompts the heroes to decide whether or not anyone suspected of being the resurrected Thanos should be allowed to live. Their discussion is interrupted by an attack from the Black Order who are trying to retrieve Thanos’ corpse to deliver to their new master.

At the same time, Peter Quill is dealing with his own issues and the only one willing to travel with him is a surly Groot. When the events of the attack make their way to Peter’s doorstep, he decides that the best way to find out what’s going on is to create a new team with the survivors.

Everything about this series looks like it is going to be epic, chaotic and a blast to read. Donny Cates has pulled out all the stops to assemble a new and insane team of cosmic misfits that are taking on the biggest mystery in the cosmic Marvel universe next to the Infinity Stones. Having Thanos, in essence, give the middle finger to the universe from beyond the grave is inspired and adds something special and unique to this story along with just being a really fun plot device. The first issue is a strong beginning that opens a galaxy of possibilities for Cates to take this team and their story.

Geoff Shaw delivers some breathtaking and beautiful art in this first issue. From the reading of Thanos’ Will to the battle against the Black Order, Shaw delivers amazingly detailed scenes that are action packed.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1




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