Guardians of the Galaxy #147

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Marcus To

Colors by Ian Herring

Letters by VC’s Cory Petit

Infinity Quest

Gamora and the newest member of the Guardians Scott Lang are trapped on a derelict ship with survivors of an Ultron attack. The remaining member of the ship’s crew have been infected with the Ultron virus and they are trying to get into the forward section of the ship where Scott and Gamora are hiding after the Nova recruits they were training ran off with their ship. In order to keep the Ultron zombies at bay, Scott takes a desperate step that keeps them out, but also makes it impossible for them to escape. As all hope seems lost, rescue comes from an unexpected source.


The pair return to base as Rocket gets into his role as a Nova Corps officer a little too deeply when he confronts a group of recruits looting a derelict vessel and wants to know the names of the fences they were going to use. When Gamora and Scott return, Rocket gives him the opportunity to hop a ship to Knowhere in order to get lost, but Lang decides to stick around. When Adsit asks Rocket about the special mission that he is supposed to be working on, he’s told that Star-Lord is on top of it along with some help.

Peter is reunited with his old friend Rich Rider and the two get back into the swing of things after Peter lets off a little steam about not being told that Rider was still alive. The pair are on the hunt for a group of Novas who went rogue and what they run into is something no one expected and what they are guarding could be one of the most important finds in the entire galaxy.

As a fan of Rich Rider, it was great to see him return. I continue to enjoy the lighter style and tone of this series and that it doesn’t take itself too seriously even when dealing with serious subjects. Duggan has found a winning balance between the characters and how they are reacting to the universe and their mission to try to save it. To’s art is great and there is a fluidity to many of the character poses and especially in the space travel panels that simulate movement and I enjoyed that.



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