Green Lantern War Journal #6

DC Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Montos

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: John discovers more about the Revenant Queen as he fights to save an ally.

John Stewart faces the Revenant Queen and her growing army or corrupted soldiers. As he squares off against Varron again, Shepherd and the others find themselves overwhelmed by the battle. When one of the Lanterns falls, John races to save him and discovers something new about both his ring and the power.

In the aftermath, John goes back to finish the battle. A battle that will force him to face the Revenant Queen again.

The Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues to craft an engaging and thrilling story for John Stewart in this issue. The story takes some great twists and turns throughout as well as a fantastic moment for John. I love the awesome contrast in the story with John’s story and the one with his mother. I love the lore being built for this series and how the story is compelling to fans of the character.

The Art: Montos delivers some fantastic art in the issue. I continue to love the visual style of this series and how immersive the imagery is.

Green Lantern War Journal #6



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