Green Lantern War Journal #3

DC Comics

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Montos

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: John Stewart fights an evil taking over him as the Revenant Queen gets more powerful.

After being infected by the light of the radiant dead, John not only has to fight an undead Lantern, but also the growing darkness inside him. A fight that also has his mother at the center of it. After an unexpected save from a Lantern from another world, John finds himself facing a difficult choice.

Forced to choose between staying with his injured mother and going with another Lantern to fight the Revenant Queen, John’s decision will have unforeseen consequences. At the same time, the Revenant Queen continues to grow her army.

The Story: An intense and entertaining story from Phillip Kennedy Johnson. There is a great dark tone to the story that fits perfectly with the character of John Stewart and I really enjoyed the action and stakes being set up for him. There is some great conflict in the story and I look forward to seeing how John overcomes those conflicts both internal and external.

The Art: Montos has a wonderful visual style that brilliantly captures the tone and mood of the story. The action is thrilling and there are some great visual moments that connected with me as a reader.

Green Lantern War Journal #3



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